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Chairman's Message
Quality Policy
Equipments and Material Sourced from Countries Rubtech Mech (India) LLP is a prestigious part of the Rubber Industry for over 4 decades. Regular study and staying update with latest innovation in technology has enabled us in understanding the intricacies of rubber compound designing with emphasizes on creating optimum efficiency for specific application and using the vision for creating perfection as per the requirement of working process. I have promoted many companies, before developing Food Grade Components under this new venture Rubtech Mech (India) LLP, which are formerly known as Rubtech Mechanicals.

With years of persistent and dedicated hard work, I ensured many upgrades in technology as well as research and development processes. Along with this, emphasize was also given on the proper selection of ingredients. All this allows us to create a modern recipe for manufacturing best grade products.

In my company, we follow best business ethics and sustain a congenial work culture that are threaded with the principle of "Customer Satisfaction". With the aim of exceeding the customer satisfaction, we manufacture one of the best engineered FCMs in the world.

On behalf of my team at Rubtech Mech (India) LLP, I appreciate and thank all our clients for their regular support as well as encouragement which has boosted us to make best quality Food Contact Materials along with taking our our technology to the highest level of advancement. I am proud that RTM has always met the customer's needs and expectations.